Ancient tool "Sea Women" used for scouring the sea saved snorers today

"Sea Woman" from Jeju Island

For ages, the sea women of Jeju island, South Korea, have braved the treacherous waters of the Korea Strait, even during the frigid winters. Using only flippers and goggles — no breathing equipment — they scour the sea bottom for abalone, conch and octopus.

generation of "sea women"

Kim, generation of "Sea Woman".

She explained the way her ancestors, as "Sea Women" breathe under the sea without using oxygen tank.

It's an ancient tool, they have used it since centuries ago.

"Insert it into the nasal cavities, and widen their respiratory tract."

"This allowed them to inhale more oxygen, in turn extended the time staying under water."

Initially, Kim wished that she could become a "Sea Woman" too. She hopes that this culture could last from generation to generation. But, her grandma stopped her!

"She is meant for something bigger..."

Such brilliant girl should do big things for the world.

Maddening noise, at kim's hostel

Kim studied hard to get the Engineering Scholarship of Harvard University.

During the final year of Kim's study, a boy moved to the hostel room next to her. Loud snores from the next door 

disturbed Kim's good night sleep.

"The noise was maddening. It was distracted my focus in study since I am lacking of adequate sleep."

"I knew I had to do something!"

Inspiration from ancient breathing tool

All at once an idea popped into Kim's head.

This has to trace back to the Ancient Breathing Clip for diving...

"Men of our place never dive..."

But the elder generation used this Ancient Breathing Clip during night time. Wives will put this nose clip in the men's nasal cavities, in order to overcome snoring and ensure the men sleep quietly.

By applying her knowledge in engineering, Kim modified this tool to avoid snorer from feeling uncomfortable while wearing it.

The hostel mate who suffering in Sleep Apnea volunteered to be her subject.

miracle happened!

The boy didn't snore on the first night they tried the tool. He felt grateful to Kim and suggested her adhere to this invention.

Because of his father and brother were suffered in snoring too!

"I accepted his suggestion. And, two weeks later, I received a call from the boy's mother."

Her husband was free from snoring finally after 25 years!

By words of mouth, there are incoming requests on this Snoring Nose Clip.

Kim realized the potential of this invention.

Discovered SilentMed™ Snoring Clip

Immediately after Kim graduated, she flew back to her hometown and worked hard on the invention. For the benefits of snorers...

On the first year this product been launched, it had been sold for more than 50,000 units!

It's such a great beginning!

She called it SilentMed™ Snoring Clip. Even KBS had made a special feature on this invention. The hosts impressed by the function of SilentMed™.

This amazing snoring clip was inspired by ancient breathing tool used by "Sea Women"when scouring under the sea.

Feedback from professionals

Stop You or Your Partner’s Snoring With This Revolutionary Accessory

Now, Kim's invention able to help about 9 million of snorers worldwide.

A research proves that snoring increases the risk of Heart Attack and Stroke by 10 times. SilentMed™ Snoring Clip was certified in reducing the risk of Heart Attack on snorers. 

A certified sleep medicine specialist from Los Angeles had explained the theory behind this.

"Snoring is risky. When you are sleeping, your throat, tongue, and jaw will relax. 

And, this is narrowing your airway, which causing snoring. Your airway is blocked if you ignored."

An editor of the publisher, Mr. Park, who was a snorer for years, had experienced the snoring clip by own.

Mr. Park was suffering in High Blood Pressure. The reason behind was snoring.

Initially, he thought that  SilentMed™ Snoring Clip will causing uneasy. Indeed, it is not. His snoring was disappeared.

Kim has brought the ancient breathing tool to a whole new level. 

Everyone across the globe discovered the potential of  SilentMed™ Snoring Clip, due to it is:

  • Comfortable, lightweight and safe

  • Help to breathe deeply again

  • Free from chemicals 

  • Helps with deep sleep

  • Most effective anti-snoring device