This once delicate grandmother is now japan's oldest female bodybuilder
the only village without a doctor in the world.

Published on  FEBRUARY 5TH , 2021 | Written by LENA AILEEN, senior editor

This is her amazing story...

In a recent interview, we asked Sasori...

"What is the secret of your youth?"

Her answer will surprise you ......

"People think life stops when you get older, but the truth is, life doesn't end for anyone."

"The reason i can still train strongly because I want to be completely free from all pain and disease."

- Sasori

Sasori's story has come a long way

At the age of 63,
she was already taking several drugs...high blood pressure, high cholesterol and others.
Doctors told her she should take more medicine to treat her declining health else, she wouldn't live long enough to see her next birthday.
But since her return from "village of longevite" in Japan, she miraculously regained her health.
Against all odds!
Today, 70 years old Sasori is the oldest woman to have won the title of "Yokota Japan Bodybuilder Competition"
Sasori inspiring story piqued the interest of Dr. Roger...
Dr. Roger, a toxicologist with over 30 years of experience.
He was amazed by the way Sasori recovered her health, that he spent 6 months of his life in the village itself to find out the secret.
What he found was really shocking...

"They have no doctors, no drugs, no hospitals"

"yet the villagers live these remarkably healthy lives and many of them even live to 100 years!"

- Dr. Roger

Her inspiring story piqued the interest of Dr. Roger. He questioned every knowledge he knew about aging. Dr Roger inquired about how they manage to age in good health.
One of those contacted is Kaneshiro eiko. 
She is 108 years old and she is a fisherwoman who works in difficult conditions every day, yet she won't let age stop her.

"For centuries we have made hot springs a regular part of our everyday life."

"We believe in "toji", which literally means "hot water cure" in Japanese."

"It is a method of soaking in hot springs rich in mineral, which absorb the healing benefits into your body through your feet that aids in the recovery and treatment of various conditions."

"This practice has been passed down for many generation."

"At 108 years old, I was never diagnosed with any serious health problem."

"The same thing goes for my brothers and sisters who are equally healthy"

- Kaneshiro eiko

Dr. Roger Started doing some research and trying it...

In the beginning, 

Dr. Roger has trouble believing it.

After doing some research and trying it himself for a week, he felt less tired throughout the day and also relieved his muscle pain.

Convinced by the facts, he soon realized that this way of life had been focusing too much in modern health care.

So many people resort to the convenience of taking pills, which damages our body without realizing it.

Only in rural areas like the "village of longevity", and the ancients still use this ancient method of self-healing to maintain a healthy and disease free life

Dr. Roger decided to take matters into his own hands.
By modernizing this traditional practice in a special patch for the feet, He called it Kinoji™.

The Secret behind

Japanese people have long believed that the feet are the gateway to the body.

They act as a barrier between the external environment and your internal body.

If this door is well maintained, your body will be detoxified.

But without proper care, toxins will build up in your body.

Thus shutting down the immune system.

Our body is vulnerable to all kinds of infections and diseases, feet are the best place to evacuate toxins and waste.

The reason is they have more sweat glands than any other part of the body.

Kinoji™ is infused with the goodness of minerals found in hot springs and with the addition of activated charcoal, (an ingredient added to boost detoxification).

Once applied, it absorbs quickly through the soles of the feet and increase the number of lymphocytes, the main immune cells in our body.

Lymphocytes help fight viruses and harmful bacteria, thereby strengthening the immune system against all pains and diseases.

kINOJI™ is lauched ! 

When the first batch of Kinoji™ was launched,

Dr. Roger tested it on Sasori for his verdict.

In a clinical trial carried out by Dr. Roger and his team on Kinoji™

The treatment group performed significantly better than the control group.

"It's so much more convenient and works even better than the traditional method."

"I feel brand new and full of energy!"

- Sasori

In a clinical trial carried out by Dr. Roger and his team on Kinoji™. The treatment group performed significantly better than the control group!

93% showed a significant improvement in their general health !

The "Real miracle"

Among the subjects in the treatment group...

Frankie, 68 years old 

has been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis.

"I've been living with this condition for years now."

"My skin hurts and my joints are all damaged and I couldn't even open my car doors."

"Doctors have advised the use of Kinoji™."

"I wasn't convinced that it would help, but I still tried for a week."

"Incredibly, I felt a huge wave of relief just after a week."

"The swelling in my hands and feet has decreased and the pain was completely gone after a few uses of patch."

"In a week i could resume my daily activities when i could barely walk before."

"This village without doctors opened my eyes to the possibility of aging in good health and now that I have experienced it myself."

"I can only hope that we will help other people to live a long life and be healthy." 

- Frankie


Kinoji™ has been very successful since its official launch

So, hurry up and get yours now and live longer in better health with Kinoji™

Don't let illness keep you from enjoying it

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