This 113-year-old woman is disclosing the secret to her longevity.

Her name is Kyoko Hori from Japan and is currently the oldest living person in the world.

Published on  FEBRUARY 5TH , 2021 | Written by LENA AILEEN, senior editor

This is her amazing story...

In her recent interview, she shared her lifelong secret.

She calls it the "Fountain of Life"

"I'm approaching 113 years old, but I still have the vigour of a 21-year-old."

"Its not about living longer, it's about being Sick-Free for as long as you live."

"Now I feel it's my turn to share this with the world."

- Kyoko Hori

Kyoko Hori was born prematurely and raised on breast milk form hospital nurses.
When she was 58, she had a terrible disease that almost took her life!
Doctor said it would be a miracle if she would be able to survive it.
Her family did not give up and they kept praying for help.
Her family asked this mysterious Doctor if he was sent in by god.

Who is this doctor?

Dr. Toru Yanagi comes from a lineage of doctors.
For over 50 generations, his ancestors have served the Emperors of Japan.
Dr. Yanagi is one of the last doctors who still possesses the knowledge and skills of ancient Japanese medical technology that his family has accumulated over the centuries!

Since this method was only meant for Japanese Royalty.

This secret has been kept until 2018 when Dr. Yanagi passed away at the age of 105.

They called this ancient method as "Yuiitsu No Kokoro"

Before Dr. Yanagi passed away, he left us his years of works and accumulated research of the feet which are the foundation of our life.

The Secret behind

The feet are the foundation of our life.

Our body immune system can gradually deteriorate as we grow older, and damaged cells or bacteria that are harmful to the body.

It is proven to be leading cause of Diabetes, Heart Disease, Kidney Failure and Cancer.

This will have a negative impact on the body.

We massage medicinal herbs into the bottom of our feet, it will absorb all the healing benefits into our body.

It helps decrease inflammation while assisting all the systems in our body to be at peak performance and boost the amount of lymphocytes.

Lymphocytes is the main type of immune cells in our body.

These cells will fight off harmful bacteria that are not suppose to be in our body.

It normalize damages caused by free radicals from processed food, pollution, chemicals in water.

ITZUMI™ is lauched ! 

Inspired by the same techniques, he designed a foot patch with a rich blend of Dokudami medicinal herbs, that allows our feet to absorbs all the healing benefits, while detoxifies unwanted harmful bacterias in our body.

That is  ITZUMI.

These healing agents relief symptoms of illness, thus, freeing us from disease.

He then tested his invention on thousands of people in Japan.

98.7% of them claimed that it relieved their soreness almost instantly!

The "Real miracle"

Customers who have tried it reported quick relief from soreness and headaches.

Some even claimed that it improved their sleep quality, reducing insomnia.

Just stick the patch under your feet every night to sleep, making it great for anyone, as well active individuals, busy workers, and even athletes, in promoting complete restoration throughout the body while sleeping, and experience a huge wave of relief that comes in the morning.

"I felt like it was normal again. It was the most effortless, painless treatment of my life."

"By Day 7, I was able to walk on my feet again."

"By Day 12, i felt completely revitalized . I had the energy to even practice Zen Yoga!"

"I now use this patch every night. Every time after using it, I feel like I could do Anything!"


People around the world are now using Itzumi™ to relieve their body aches, illness and stress.

Use the treatment with the patch for one night, 

you can relieve your body aches, improve blood flow, and boost the immune system and even regain the energy you once had!

You have nothing to lose, expect all your soreness

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