Japanese octogenarian went from dumpling maker to dropping techno in nightclub after undergone a terrible night

"Age Isn't Anything, But Only A Number"

Niko Ichika is a dumpling maker at Osaka, for the past 50 years. She is a cheerful person. Niko lives alone since her husband passed away at her age of 65. Niko was imbued by her father, who talented in not only cooking, but also music. She enjoys music beats. During the day, she makes delicious dumpling for her customers; by night, she drops techno on the turntables at nightclub.

Long Hours of standing caught up with her

Niko Ichika started to help out in making dumpling since her father founded the dumpling restaurant, after World War II. She took over the business after her father passed away.

As a dumpling business owner, Niko has to stand for all days. Sharp at 12 noon everyday, she started to busy for making dumpling.

She kept on busy in the kitchen without taking rest or get herself a seat.

Standing for more than 12 hours has became her daily routine.

This routine was repeated day by day for 365 days.

Due to the long hours of standing for almost 50 years non-stop, it started to take a toll on her body. She started to experience horrible low back pain.

That day... something terrible happened!

When Niko wake up from sleep, she could hardly exerting energy at her lower body part. Stiffness and painfulness in her low back area restricted her from getting up from the bed. BUT, nobody was therefor her!

Lumbar Muscle Strain and losing mobility

Niko Ichika cried over the painfulness and helpless. Slowly, she moved to make a call to her brother.

By wheelchair, she met with the doctor. Doctor told her, standing uses up about 20% more energy than sitting, that's why people always get tired more quickly when standing. 

Niko's pain in low back was caused by muscle strains in lumbar. The muscle fibers are abnormally stretched and torn.

Doctor advised her to take a long rest and carry out gentle exercises, to stretch and loosen tight muscles. He also reminded Niko better to avoid standing, sitting for long hours.

Sitting on wheelchair was restricted Niko's movement.

She was unhappy and sank into depression.

"I have been making dumpling for about 50 years. My low back pain forced me to pause. And, I am frustrated for sitting on wheelchair. It restricted my movement!"

Family Business facing challenge

Niko brother's Itsuki Ichika, was then managed the restaurant on behalf of her. 

While, she started to do physical therapy, as instructed by the doctor.

But those exercises and physical therapy didn't work on her.

What's worse, her dumpling business dropped drastically.

"The dumpling tastes different recently." Feedback of regular customers on their dumpling was bad. This was affecting their dumpling business.

Niko felt so stress with the performance of their restaurant.

"How come all the bad happened on me. I miss my late hubby."

Savior Of Her Life, The Anthropologist

By the grace of God...

One day, a part-timer of her restaurant introduced an anthropologist, William for home-stay at her place. William was working under American Expedition Group.

On their first met, William was shocked and pity for her condition.

Wlliam shared Niko about their recent invention. It could be a solution to Niko's condition.

Ancient Chinese secret

"We have discovered an ancient Chinese secret - Cobblestone!"

Cobblestone-like walking paths are common in China. The culture of walking on cobblestone is rooted in traditional Chinese medicine and related to some of the principles of reflexology.

The uneven surface of the cobblestones stimulate and regulate the "acupoints" on the soles of the feet. There are 15 acupoints on the feet purportedly linked to each organ of the body.

"Based on our recent study, cobblestone helps in balancing, physical function, and improving blood circulation among adults 60 and above."

"Walking on the river rock-like surface are vital for preventing and delaying the onset of frailty among elders, as well as maintaining their current health status." 
The research also found a reduction in body pain by 77%, after stepping on cobblestone.

CobFlex™ Massage Insoles

alternate option of Reflexology

"It is based on foot conditioning and ergonomics, which has more than 20000 massage points and reflex points 

that break down the pressure of the body on the foot. "

In order to enhance the function of cobblestone, their team has made it into shoes insoles.

William gave me a pair of CobFlex™ Massage Insoles to try. It helps to:

  • Improve blood circulation

  • Relieve mental pressure and promote sleep

  • Regulating endocrine, expelling toxins, and beautifying skin (weight loss)

William advised Niko to wear it for one or two hours daily.

One month time, Niko was free from the restriction of wheelchair!

"I felt the energy exerted on my lumbar part."

Miracle happened!

Invention of CobFlex™ Massage Insoles provided a different choice of physical activity 

that is therapeutic, health-enhancing and can be done easily.

Rocking the floor like no other

After that incident, Niko realized the importance of enjoying life.

"I only lived once. It's time to live my life and enjoy to the peak."

Niko has made up her mind to chase for her dream in music - she registered for DJ lesson.

There was a charming lady who are spinning the tunes. Then, she working as a professional DJ on the turntable of a nightclub. Also, she continued to make delicious dumpling during day time.

After she closed her dumpling business at 10 pm.

Niko get ready to dress up herself before accessing to the nightclub. She spun the tunes at nightclub from 1 am to 4 am.

Not for fun, but for her dream!

"After I wore this, it beautified my skin and I feel like I am more energetic and younger than before."

She is absolutely a GEM!