A 23-year-old girl fell asleep 15 times a day.

She is now a famous personal trainer 

- Energetic Narcoleptic.

Published on  FEBRUARY 5TH , 2021 | Written by LENA AILEEN, senior editor

This is her amazing story...

At the age of 17, Belle was diagnosed with narcolepsy, a chronic sleep disorder.

"Narcolepsy has changed my whole life."

"You won't really be able to sit down for lunch, dinner, or breakfast without falling alseep."

"I don't really go out and socialize that much in the evening."

"I get very panicky if friends invite me out because I want to go

  and experience everything but I'm so scared that I'm going to fall  asleep." 

- Belle

Labeled as "A Hopeless Case"

She was labeled as "A Hopeless Case" by many despite knowing she was suffered from severe narcolepsy

Her sleep condition had been causing her to fall asleep uncontrollably and suffer from hallucinations, making her the target of a joke in the classroom. In class, her friends made some jokes on her, and teacher threw a pen at her to prevent her from falling asleep. In love and family, her boyfriend seen her as a burden and broke up with her and her parents felt embarrassed about her disorder and they tried to make her get normal.

"I even fell asleep during my exam."

"I couldn't hide my grades from my parents."

"They wouldn't stop hitting me even though I beg them."

"They even stopped my tuition fee and living expenses." 

- Belle

She tried hard to stay awake with caffeine, energy drinks, chewing gum, eye drop... but none of them worked. Therefore, falling asleep in the class, getting poor grades, or struggling to complete homework were parts of her daily life. To escape from the beating, she hid in school and tried her best to catch up on her studies.

Just When I Thought Things Couldn't Get Worse ...

One day, 

Ms. Theresa, the school counselor walked by and noticed her bruises. 

Belle was called into her office the next day. 

After knowing her situation, Ms. Theresa asked her to spend the time in the room after the class every day to provide her the emotional support and tutor her on her studies. 

Belle had been spending her time in her office after the classes every day.

The room was filled with a refreshed scent, and made her felt soothed and energetic instantly. 

To her surprise, she was able to concentrate on completing her homework and never fell asleep in the room once. 

Moreover, she no longer has hallucinations and able to sleep for 6-8 hours a day.

Belle was wondering what could be the reason for these...

The scent in the room has been something she curious to know about...


Ms. Theresa, may I know what is the scent in the room?

Ms. Theresa:
It was the essential oil with a lemon scent.
I have used it for many years to work effectively, 
because the scent helps me stay focused.

Since then, 

Belle have started to use this essential oil.

She has been keeping essential oils with her every day.

Her learning ability has improved in just a few weeks!

Finally, Belle graduated from high school successfully.

After graduation, 

Belle devoted herself to the career of fitness and nutrition,

In order to cope with her condition and help people in similar situations, 

Belle started to study narcolepsy condition and look for ways to overcome this condition.

Eventually, she published a book "Energetic Narcoleptic" 

The Secret behind

The inability of the brain in controlling the sleep-wake cycle is the reason for narcolepsy.

The sleep-wake cycle is regulated via the communication between different brain regions.

These regions work together as a system.

To initiate wakefulness, the brain stem will send a signal to the hypothalamus for releasing a hormone called hypocretin.

A hormone that is important for regulating wakefulness and rapid eye movement (REM) sleep.

Once the hypocretin is released, a series of physiological activities will be triggered to promote wakefulness in us, for instance, after sleep.

This hormone is found to be low in narcoleptic patients.

Belle's essential oil contains a high content of lemon extract.

When the lemon scent reaches to the olfactory bulb in the form of chemical molecules, it enters the limbic system and interacts with them, and the hypothalamus is one of them.

It managed to enhance the interaction by adding formulas inspired by Ayurvedic medicine. 

The calcitonin receptors in the hypothalamus can eventually be stimulated enough by these odorous molecules to release enough calcitonin.

This also means that these extracts can be used to release enough calcitonin to keep the patient awake! 

waiting for a miracle

After development by the research team...

A new brand of lemon essential oil is introduced to the world, 

namely Nolem™ 

The formula of the essential oil was refined by the research team. 

Belle was invited for giving it a try.  

"As a narcoleptic, I have been struggling to keep my eyes open."

"Now, I am ultra-energizing! I can control my sleeping time so much better."

"I don't have to worry about falling asleep when I go out during the day."

- Belle

NOLEM™ Success stories

With the help of the National Narcolepsy Association, 

Belle founded a center to provide a safe and supportive space for people with Narcolepsy. 


Belle also provides her expertise in nutrition and fitness to help them in coping with the symptoms. 

Belle's transformative journey is one of the many success stories from Nolem™.


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