This Japanese cheer squad has an average age of 72.

Fumie Takino, the group's founder, is 89 years old, 

but she moves like she's 21.

Published on  FEBRUARY 5TH , 2021 | Written by LENA AILEEN, senior editor

This is her amazing story...

At age 64, Takino was cheerleading on stages all over the country.

While most dancers retire in their 40s ...

She kept cheerleading well into her 60s and beyond.

"I sometimes hear people say they're too old, but age is irrelevant.'"

"If someone wants to start something, I really think they should, to make the rest of their life as meaningful as possible."

"You don't get to wear a costume like that when you're over 60."

"There are several people who join saying they want to wear that costume."

"It's uplifting. It makes you feel young."

- Takino

A Hopeless Case

One day, she felt a sharp pain in her right knee while she is dancing. Her doctor told her to stop cheerleading dance immediately. 

At the age 74, her twins sister passed away, leaving her alone in this world.

"My sister was my biggest supporter."
"Since childhood, we grew up together, danced together, and stayed together all the time."
"She practises and goes to every competition with me,"
"Cheerleading is a sweet memory between me and her."

- Takino

Her death left her in a state of bereavement. So, she promised herself: "I'm going to continue cheerleading until my last breath, whatever happens."
Up until then, she had tried almost everything, Physiotherapy, medicines, traditional medicine ...

But nothing worked!

Just When I Thought Things Couldn't Get Worse

One day,
Takino's retired team member, Mayi offered to help her.
Mayi used to suffered the same as Takino, but Mayi was lucky as she found an effective way to cure it in Okinawa, Japan.

Okinawa is the healthiest island in the world.

Two-thirds of those who reached 100-year-old were still living independently at the age of 98..

The people in Okinawa have a special way to deal with body aches.

When one of them suffered from body ache, they will bath in the sea water for sometimes and slowly the pain will disappear.

Over time, people outside of the island are attracted to the rumors of the magic sea water, which excel in pain relieving.

The Secret behind

As experiments were conducted, they dissolve the salt from sea in warm water and after soaking in it. 

Their aches and pains just goes away naturally.

It is an amazing discovery.

After the experiments, they started putting Okinawa sea salt into soaps.

Then, mixed it along with the natural herbs found on the island,

which created this world-changing soap.

The salt in Okinawa sea water is able to ease different kind of painfulness.

Okinawa salts are actually the magnesium sulfate salt-like crystals.

Magnesium can lead to endorphin release.

Endorphin is important in reducing pain and enhancing pleasure.

When the Okinawa sea salt dissolve in the water, the Magnesium ion is absorbed by the skin into the muscle and treated the persistent ache of the body.

waiting for a miracle

Mayi decided to help Takino and handed this soap to her. 

Initially, Takino was skeptical about the efficacy of the soap.

"After a bath with the soap, I felt instant pain relief!"

"Few days later, I was able to dance for few hours."

"In just one week, I was finally able to dance for whole day."

"I was shocked, I could never had imagined this."

- Takino

Takino broke into tears when she still can dance with her team.

She never thought that this day would come, it meant the world to her.

It was the happiest moment of her life.

She does not think she will still be cheering at 100 years old.

"In the last two to three years, I've been thinking about how my stamina became lower, and I get tired easily."

"I can really tell that my physical strength has gone down."

"But, now I can dance with no problem."

"I even forget about my age and injury when I'm dancing."

"It's uplifting. It makes me feel young."

- Takino

Sekken™ Success story

Takino is happy and grateful to Miya for offering her the cure for her pain. She felt that this soap will be able to help a lot of people out there who suffer the same condition as she did. She decided to share her "Miracle of Life" to the world, to help those who are facing the same problem.

"This changes my life! I am 89 years old, but I am full of energy!"

"If you know someone who is suffering from knee pain."

"Please share my story, as it may ease their soreness."

"I want everyone who is facing body pain to experience the miraculous experience that I had, I will help as many people as I can."

- Takino

Takino's transformative journey is one of the many success stories from Sekken™.


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