Opposing the laws of Physics, Kung Fu master becomes the first man to walk on water

Published on  January 25th, 2021 | Written by LENA AILEEN, senior editor

Let's Meet cheng Qiang,zhang from chongQing, China

Here is his incredible story...

He has been training Kung Fu at the Shaolin Temple since he was a young.

He is admiring Bruce Lee very much and dreamed of becoming a martial artist one day.

"I train day and night with this dream in mind."

But his dream was broken when he turned 28...

 his dream was broken


His legs stopped working properly because he pushed himself so hard.

It was extremely painful for him to sit in a wheelchair.

Cheng Qiang tried everything he could think of to get back on his feet.

But no amount of pain relievers or physical therapy could inverse the damage.

Unable to learn more Kung Fu, he was forced to leave the Shaolin temple and return home to his family.

Just When He Thought Things Couldn't Get Worse ...

One day, 

Cheng Qiang met his father's old friend, Lian Gui who had practiced Kung Fu for 60 years. 

He was taken aback by how strong this old man was still walking.

Out of his surprise and curiosity, Cheng Qiang asked :

"You are twice my age, but you are strong and healthy while I am in a wheelchair"

"What's your secret?"

Lian Gui answered :

"I was like you, I never took a break from Kung Fu"

"My body also couldn't handle the intensity"

"The next thing I knew, my legs had also completely given up."

"I couldn't stand up without feeling pain"

"I suffered for months, and nothing I tried seemed to work"

Lian Gui then picked up his shoe and took out a piece of transparent silicone.

"This is the cure you've been looking for." 

"It's called Mudan™, you just put it on the bottom of your shoes and you're good to go."

"I've been using it for years, giving me the freedom to do the things I love again."

Cheng Qiang was skeptical. He decided to do some research on Mudan™. It turns out that there was a lot of scientific evidence confirming the reliability of these feet silicone.

The Secret behind

The feet are the basis of our body.

They support all of our body weight, balance us and absorb the stress when walking.

Lack of adequate support on the soles of the feet can be detrimental to our health.

It also affects our ability to stand, walk, or do a series of foot movements over time

Each Mudan™ has 400 precisely placed acupuncture points that press on the sole of the foot.

Applying pressure to selected areas to reshape and realign our feet in the perfect anatomical position.

Combining the ancient practice of reflexology with the technologies of the new age.

Acting as a firm cushioning support while redistributing weight through the rest of the foot.

To promote pain relief and blood circulation through its gentle but effective stimulation.

Forming a stable base for our body. Each pressure point is linked to different parts of our body.

So, not only will foot pain subside with time, but our overall our health will improve significantly.

Cheng Qiang asked for a pair and prayed for a miracle

In fact,

day by day Cheng Qiang notice some improvement.


he found himself able to stand up without any pain. Then, he practiced walking and was gradually able to do it with minimal help.

Cheng Qiang finally didn't need a wheelchair anymore.


he went back to learning Kung Fu. He was stronger than ever and performing incredible stunts like never before!

Jumping on water...

Walking through the air ... 

Running on the walls...  are some of his specialties.

Mudan™  Received Seal Of Approval From Cheng Qiang

Cheng Qiang is now a stunt double and he's looking forward to star in his first blockbuster movie soon.

He promises to wear a Mudan™ every day on set.

Since they never fail to give you the boost you need to perform those gravity defying stunts.

Here's what Cheng Qiang said about these amazing Mudan™ in a recent interview:

"Thanks to this, I was given a second chance at life"
"To think that I almost had to give up my dream when the answer was only a pair of Mudan™"
"I'm sure Mudan™ will allow me to practice Kung Fu for the next few decades"


Since the launch of Mudan™. People all over the world are using it to relieve all kinds of pain. Even athletes claim these feet silicone heal the body aches resulting from playing sports.

So go ahead, let Mudan™ take away the pain!

What do you have to lose besides your pain?